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Web sites and subjects related to education such as schools, school districts, educational facilities, and educational events.

Lighthouse of Broward

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The Lighthouse of Broward provides essential resources for the visually impaired in Broward County including specialized rehabilitation, life skills training, and employment opportunities to enhance the independence, productivity, and dignity of children and adults who are blind or visually impaired. As Anttix specializes in accessible websites, we were able to learn and grow by developing this website alongside those who help others every day. This unique site comes with a variety of custom content and features unlike any other site we have done, but most of all, we are proud to have created it. We hope more sites will be modeled after their accessibility and we can continue to learn from others like it.

Joliet Area Historical Museum

Web Design Joliet

The Joliet Area Historical Museum is a proud institution of learning, history, and fun for the Joliet area. In addition to excellent exhibits on the history of Joliet they also sponsor events including Music Festivals all summer along and even a craft beer tasting. The dedicated professionals of the museum allowed us to work with them to improve their current site while preserving the information they already put forth. Also, we have worked closely with them to improve their sponsorship exposure and online ticket sales to bring their website up to the next level.

Location: Joliet, IL

Louie Munn Services

Louie Munn Services Home

Louie Munn Services is a respected leader in safety, loss control management, and regulatory compliance for the transportation and construction industries. At Anttix we assisted them with creating an online learning management system so they could reach farther and support more businesses with their essential and required services to more and more customers each year. The more we other can learn from Louie Munn via this responsive website, the better we have served our client.

Location: Hattiesburg, MS