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Web sites and subjects related to financial institutions such as banks, loan officers, finance experts, debt collection, and financial training.

Bridge Builders Community Development

Bridge Builders Website
Bridge Builders not only helps individuals and families find affordable housing, they also empower others with life skills such as budget management, computer skills, home maintenance, and much more. But providing a simple to use website with comphreshive information, Anttix allowed Bridge Builders the ability to share information to their community about the important services they provide. Each program and service is highlighted and easy to access, with contact informatio and the ability to donate to their group as easy as possible.
Location: Clayton, MO

Gantzert Investment Company

Investment Firm Website Design

Gantzert Investment Company provides registered SEC investment advice for clients in the Joliet, IL area since 1996. In addition to providing a strong internet presence for the company, Anttix put together custom content to accommodate files, 3rd party links, and information to their clients with relative ease. Working in conjunction with the invest firm's security and IT company, Anttix was able to complete the site relatively quickly and get Gantzert started with an SEO-friendly site.

Location: Joliet, IL

Bannon Associates

bannon associates home page

In developing this informative website for a global leader in church fundraising and resource management consulting, Anttix meticulously organized three decades' worth of data to provide users with the relevant information they need. Anttix developed a visual scheme that conveyed the established, professional competence of Bannon while invoking the faith-based spirit of their services.

Location: Joliet, IL