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Support Services

Web sites and subjects related to the support of others such as non-profit agencies, municipal support organizations, and non-profit education.

Lighthouse of Broward

LHOB Screenshot
The Lighthouse of Broward provides essential resources for the visually impaired in Broward County including specialized rehabilitation, life skills training, and employment opportunities to enhance the independence, productivity, and dignity of children and adults who are blind or visually impaired. As Anttix specializes in accessible websites, we were able to learn and grow by developing this website alongside those who help others every day. This unique site comes with a variety of custom content and features unlike any other site we have done, but most of all, we are proud to have created it. We hope more sites will be modeled after their accessibility and we can continue to learn from others like it.

Bridge Builders Community Development

Bridge Builders Website
Bridge Builders not only helps individuals and families find affordable housing, they also empower others with life skills such as budget management, computer skills, home maintenance, and much more. But providing a simple to use website with comphreshive information, Anttix allowed Bridge Builders the ability to share information to their community about the important services they provide. Each program and service is highlighted and easy to access, with contact informatio and the ability to donate to their group as easy as possible.
Location: Clayton, MO

Triune Logistics

Triune Logistics main page
Triune Logistics is a staffing and support team made up of experienced members. Triune needed a site that could display the services that they offer in an easy to view way so that companies and organizations can find the specific service that they need. A single page site, Triune displays its content in a pleasant and organized manner. The site also yields aces to multiple forms that employers may need for their employees.
Location: Bolingbrook, IL

Dow Insurance

 Dow Insurance front page
Dow is an experienced insurance company, with many members working in experience since 1945. Dow provides a wide array of insurance types, such as business, transportation, or even personal. With a skilled team of agents, Dow Insurance has your coverage needs. Anttix created a site with a dynamic front page that grabs the eye of the site's visitors, as well as quickly presenting an overview of the sites many insurance options.
Location: Lemont, IL

Metro Animal Service

Pet Crematorium Website

Established in 1974, Metro Animal Service is a family-owned Pet Crematorium located in rural Plainfield, IL. Metro has continued to grow for over thirty years with the high demand for a service that shows respect and care during a pet owner's time of need. Compassion and reverence for pet owners and their beloved pets drive Metro Animal Service every day, and personal attention to detail and a long-term staff is what makes them a valued institution in Plainfield.

With that growth, Anttix assisted with the conversion of an antiquated and cumbersome process for managing pickup, processing, and the return of pet remains with a web-based application built directly into their website. Through this unique and custom Cremation Request System, Metro Animal Service can track and manage cremation requests across all of the pet care institutions they serve far more accurately and smoothly. As a long term customer, Metro Animal Service provided Anttix the opportunity to help them grow with today's technology needs.

Location: Plainfield, IL

Housing Authority of Joliet

Government Organization Website

The Housing Authority of Joliet’s strives to create an active community with quality, affordable homes for everyone they can. By creating a sustainable and inclusive housing community, they bolster the local economy, improve a quality of life, and empower their residents with much-needed homes.

Anttix first designed a new website for the Housing Authority in May of 2012. For the next four years, we assisted in maintaining their website as well as other technology-based needs such as custom email signatures for each staff member. In early 2016, Anttix had the opportunity to revisit the Housing Authority of Joliet and redesign the website to a new, sleek and responsive website. It is these long-lasting relationships that Anttix strives for with our clients to watch our websites grow and change with the industry, and watch our customers grow with them.

Location: Joliet, IL

Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network

Public Works Website

Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network (IPWMAN) is a Statewide Mutual Aid System for all Public Works agencies in Illinois. Public Agencies can help each other with personnel and resources for both natural and man-made disasters. As of 2016, the organization is over 230 Member Agencies Strong.