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Website Marketing

Marketing information and tips related to search engine and content optimization.

Infographics Illustrated

Recently you may have heard the term "Infographic" thrown around a lot in business. Some of you may have heard of it and even implemented your own for your company. Others may have never heard of them at all. This article aims to cover all the bases, from what Infographics are, why to use them, and how to get them as soon as possible.

Creating Content - Part II

In the first part of our series we talked about how to write great content for your site. By now you probably have a paragraph or two, maybe some bullet points, or some dynamic content like tables and charts. Here in Part II of our series we will talk about how best to organize this content into your site, what search engines look for when they read through your content, and especially what your users want to see. Just slapping your content into the site will not get the job done. We want to help you get the most of that content and organizing wins the battle.

The Power of the Testimonial

Many of us put great stock in reviews, testimonials, and recommendations given on a variety of different commercial websites. From Amazon 5-star ratings to Yelp reviews, we hold these pieces of information in great regard when purchasing goods and services. Hearing first-hand information from someone who utilized the service or used the product gives us more reassurance when making a decision and rightfully so. The manufacturer or service will always claim their product and/or service is the best in their industry but we generally will not just take them on their word.

Best Kept Secret - The Small Business

This Saturday, following Black Friday, marks the 4th annual Small Business Saturday founded by American Express in 2010. This event aims to help small businesses get more customers rather than the big box stores that receive most of the consumer attention around the holidays. This annual event encourages shoppers to stop in a local small business and give them a chance, which helps grow local pride and supports the next great business on the rise.

What is Google Looking For Today?

As web developers and website owners we have to ask ourselves on a regular basis, "What is Google looking for today?" This means that we are away of how often Google changes and improves their search algorithm to accommodate the best possible results for their visitors. The certainly don't just trust the same algorithm from 10 years ago will do the job.

Local Pursuit

At Anttix, we put our best into every project that comes our way but we have a special place in our hearts for local businesses and organizations. The main reason is we get to work side by side and face to face with our client to improve and contribute to the areas we ourselves strive in. Would you want to improve the local energy company or your own chamber of commerce? There is something to be said of that small town mentality where everyone helps everyone else out. It’s comforting and beneficial to everyone involved.

Devices Devices Everywhere

As of January 1st of this year Pew Research reports that 90% of American adults have a cell phone, 58% of American adults have a Smartphone, 32% of American adults own an e-reader, and 42% of American adults own a tablet computer. These numbers are only growing by the day so if you do not already own a Smartphone, e-reader, or tablet then you may soon be in the market for one. As prices of these devices become more affordable and their capabilities become greater it may be harder and harder to choose the right one. Let this article help you go about the decision the right way.

The Power of Email

When we first started using email it was a simple tool for avoiding snail mail and sending quick messages to friends and family. Once the business world started adopting email into their processes it became a powerful tool for inter-office communication. When businesses took it further and started using email to communicate with their clients it became an even more powerful tool for sharing simple and even critical information. Soon after, email became a means of delivering important information and confirming your identity with many online applications.

New Frontiers

Anttix has been and always will be an evolving company. That means we strive to better ourselves, our services, and our quality of customer care. To do so, every so often we adjust and enhance our services to remain at the cusp of our ever-changing industry. This month we would like to discuss the ways in which we are scaling down, scaling up, and staying the same.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Anttix has consistently been involved with video application and production. We are now pleased to introduce video capabilities among the list of services we offer our website clients. If you want to generate more website traffic, do not rely solely on written content. Even the best text content is enhanced with dynamic video.