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Video Marketing

Community Chiropractic Centers

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Community Chiropractic Centers is a Shorewood-based Chiropractor that focuses on convenient service without requiring long-term treatment plans. Working with an active video-blogging client, Anttix built a custom video gallery that integrates with the customer's YouTube playlist and automatically displays the entire video blog on the site.

Location: Shorewood, IL

Benefits of Video Marketing

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Anttix has consistently been involved with video application and production. We are now pleased to introduce video capabilities among the list of services we offer our website clients. If you want to generate more website traffic, do not rely solely on written content. Even the best text content is enhanced with dynamic video.

Re-purpose your content
Perhaps the simplest way to get started is to make your written content perform double duty by talking about it in a video clip or creating a slide show. Focus on delving into the content you already have, rather than worrying about writing new material. Consider ways in which to bring your text to life visually. Then upload the video to common sharing sites like YouTube or Metacafe.

Captivate the senses
Video goes beyond the written page because it allows more senses to participate in the experience of absorbing content. Research shows that when humans perceive information in a multisensory framework, they are far more likely to recall it.

Attract an extensive following
Let's face it. Most people would rather watch than read. In some cases, this is because the person is a visual learner. In other cases he/she simply prefers a method that requires less effort. Either way, using video will attract a larger audience and extend the reach of your content. Video also makes it easy for people to share your presentation with others, multiplying your audience further.

Increase accessibility
Not only is video available 24/7 via devices such as smartphones, iPods, laptops, tablets and iPads, but it provides a familiar interface for the user. Instead of having to navigate and scroll for information, video brings essential points to one convenient location.

Establish yourself as the expert
If you are regularly creating quality videos, people will start to recognize you as an expert in your niche. This is particularly true of tutorials. Seeing someone explain a product or process automatically elevates him/her to the state of one who possesses valuable knowledge. Using the same figure in several videos can even be used as out-of-the-box branding.

Acquire top rankings in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)
The major search engines now utilize universal searches, meaning that video and images will gain recognition for your website above and beyond any benefits that even optimized content can bring. As President/CEO of Symetri Internet Marketing Ron Jones explains, “You really need to have more than just text content to compete in today's marketplace. You need to have all of the other media types as well.”1

There are many benefits to using video as a marketing tool. You will gain a competitive edge while captivating the senses. A memorable video means a memorable business or organization that visitors will return to time and time again.

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