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Video Transcript: ADA Compliance

Jason Richmond: [00:07] In talking about ADA compliance, I feel like there's two aspects of it. There's the human aspect and there's the legal aspect. I feel like sometimes we focus on the legal aspect, but we don't address the human aspect, so let me address the human aspect first. Human aspect is there are people with disabilities that need to be able to use the internet, and they can't because it's not accessible. I feel like it's important for us to address the fact that there are people out there that are being under-served, and that's not something that we want to be known by. We're responsible web developers. We need to create responsible products and to ignore that would be irresponsible of us.

Jason Richmond: [00:48] Secondarily, there's a legal side of it. For our business owners, obviously they are concerned about accessibility for people who have disability, but they're also concerned about making sure their website doesn't cause them to be put in a position where they have a liability. There is a liability to not having your website compliant, and that comes in the form of demand letters. If your website isn't compliant, that you can receive a demand letter from an attorney saying, "You need to make your website compliant. Otherwise, there's going to be a lawsuit." Of course lawsuits. We felt like it was important to make sure that our clients were aware of this and then start educating them on it.

Jason Richmond: [01:31] We really had a significant push about two years ago to educate our clients on what accessibility was, and then implementing accessibility into their websites so that they had accessibility built in, that they were compliant with the recent accessibility rules. Since that time, we're one of that I know of two companies in the Chicago land area that actually offers accessibility and the only one in Chicago land area that I know that includes it in all of our proposals because we feel like it's that important that everybody needs to be aware of accessibility. At a very base minimum, everyone should have accessibility. It's not something these days that I feel like you can ignore. It needs to be part of your website.