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Video Transcript: The Future of Anttix

Jason Richmond: [00:07] Yeah, I think to understand where we're going, you have to understand where we've been. We started out as a small company, just myself with an idea, a dream. I've been building websites for a long time. I started back in 1994, '95, at the inception of what we now understand as the internet, and was developing for a small business. Then fast forward to 2004 when I started Anttix, really wanting to do something I love to do, which was build really good websites for people. But that's where we started. It was a humble beginning, you know, working in my basement, just trying to find clients and put together good websites, good applications. But now we have multiple employees, have an office here, expanding into other states. What I would love to see for Anttix is just continued growth to serve a marketplace in ways that our competitors aren't, and provide our clients with a nice return on their investment and a good company to work with.