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Video Transcript: What Clients Can Expect

Jason Richmond: [00:07] When people contact us, what they find is, because we're local, we can either meet with them or we can schedule a phone call very quickly. So, our availability is very high. That makes people feel very welcome because there's someone in their neighborhood or in their community that is trusted that they can reach out to and get answers from very quickly. We'll start off by scheduling a just a discovery meeting where we sit down with the client and try and find out what their needs are. That's important because if you don't understand the client's needs, then you can't provide them with the proper solution.

Jason Richmond: [00:42] We have many different tools that we can use in order to accomplish a particular goal depending on what the client's needs are. So, the discovery meeting helps us to determine what they need and then once we have that, then we can provide them with a proposal. From that proposal, once it's approved, we go into a kickoff meeting where we sit down and talk about design. We talk about a structure for the menus. We kind of get that foundation, get the ball rolling with the design portions of it, and then of course, creating the content management system and laying that into place and putting the content in, and organizing that until you get a final product that the client's going to approve, and then we can get live. We try and move that along very quickly. Typically, we can launch websites within 30 to 45 days.