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Video Transcript: Who We Are

Jason Richmond: [00:07] So there's three areas that are really core to us. Connection; so relationships. We're built to connect with people and in this business, it seems like technology web is very distant and cold but the relationships behind that, the businesses that you're working for, are not. They're real people. They're real businesses. They have real needs and so we connect with the people first because that's the currency. That relationship is a currency that's going to drive your business. That's a true currency of this business.

Jason Richmond: [00:40] Secondly, excellence. We love what we do and we're really good at it. So we just continued to pursue excellence in all that we do, knowing that we're going to provide a very good value to our customers.

Jason Richmond: [00:51] Then lastly, integrity. People want to know that they can work with someone that they can trust and if they can't trust us, then they're not going to work with us. So those three things, connection, excellence, and integrity; those are the three core values of who we are.