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Website Branding

Damar Funeral Home

Given the nature of the funeral service industry, the Damar Funeral Home website had to be friendly, inviting, and comforting. Autumnal images and a lighter design visually create a warm online environment, much like their funeral home creates a comfortable physical environment for family and friends. Among the premium features of the site is a client-updatable obituary section which allows users to pay public tribute to decedents or offer private condolences directly to loved ones.

Cherished Pets Remembered

Cherished Pets Remembered is the second pet cremation service company we have worked with and all with the particular purpose of dealing with the painful loss of a family pet. We aimed to provide particular and custom services to Cherished Pets to cover their services and listings of those families they have provided a service. Anttix works best in niche markets like this were cookie-cutter websites will not do.

The Importance of Branding

At Anttix, we devote significant attention to the Design phase of each project, not only to provide our clients with attractive websites but to create an everlasting image for the product which we are introducing to the internet. Embedding that image into the minds of our clients' users is called branding. Often it is one of the most important parts of the project.