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Website Design

The subject of designing websites including color, layout, usability, and backend interfaces.

New Year - New Site!

Each and every year we learn something new about web design, development, marketing, and security. As new projects come along, we apply these new techniques, standards, and practices to make sure all of our sites are as current as possible. These upgrades include new and innovative styles along with exciting new technology breakthroughs and the latest versions of software offering exciting new features. If time and cost permitted we would update every site we maintain as often as possible, but to conserve both of those valuable resources we revisit a website every three years or so.

Behind the Design

During the past several months Anttix has spoken quite a bit about Responsive Design and how we have entirely adopted this method of design to accommodate all devices our websites may be viewed on. It has already become very clear to our clients that their website is not just viewed on desktop computers but phones and tablets as well. In most cases the mobile devices are used to view these websites more often than anything else.

Website Trend Awards

As Oscar and Emmy season approaches we at Anttix decided to give our own awards to website trends you, the World Wide Web visitors, have embraced so far in 2014. We call attention to these trends as signs of things to come and smart moves for all website owners to take moving into the next year. Don't confuse trends for gimmicks and fly-by-night ideas, these practices are here to stay and have a very positive effect on your website.

Understanding the Web- Part III: Design

Often the design phase of a website's construction is the part to which clients can most relate. It is easier to contemplate how a website will look rather than how it will work. With design comes the face of the website-- its visual expression and what is sometimes referred to as its 'feel'. This is the impression the site gives the visitor when he/she first views it. Professional or amateur. Fun or serious. Simple or complex. All of these factors build the personality of the website and appeal to different users in different ways.

508-Compliant Websites

Section 508 of the Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires federally funded agencies to ensure that their procurement of information technology takes into account the needs of all users, including those with disabilities. To create that a website is 508-compliant, certain criteria must be met. Following is a list of basic guidelines.

Offer Text Equivalents to Images
Alternative text provides a textual replacement for pictures (images). Screen readers and talking browsers cannot do anything with an image itself, but they can announce the alternative text instead.

How Are You Viewing the Web?

Just a few years ago, the sharing and receiving of electronic information only took place in the home or office. Now, mobile technology has changed how and where we view internet content. Cell phones, laptops, and tablet PCs are ubiquitous, all powered by fast Wi-Fi networks available everywhere from airplanes to fast food restaurants.

Flash & the Future of Web Content

In many of our projects, Anttix has used Flash to create what is called rich media content for websites. This highly interactive and visually appealing content is attractive to users' senses. At the same time, though, we have discouraged clients from using too much Flash content or building an entire site from Flash. We still maintain this advice as the excessive use of Flash has more drawbacks than ever.


Have you ever gone to a website and been impressed by the moving or changing pictures that greet you? Have you ever gone to a website and been annoyed by these same features? Flash is the program that makes this possible. Depending on design, it can be implemented as an entire website, or just part of a site. In some cases, the images are interactive, adding further interest for the viewer.