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Website Services

Professional Website Design ServicesWebsite design and development is at the core of our business. Our focus is building impressive websites that are visually appealing and technologically advanced. All Anttix websites are built in a database driven, dynamic fashion. In short, our websites can do more in less time. Naturally, this means a greater return on your investment.

Why Choose Anttix:

We are professionals

Our employees are trained and experienced in the fields of website design, programming, graphic design, editing, marketing, and customer service.

We create dynamic websites

A static website is simple HTML with Javascript and CSS added. If you need a change, the designer has to make it, which means more money out of your pocket. However, a static site that never changes gets ignored by search engines. The Anttix solution is to build a dynamic website. Every website that we build can be modified by the client. You spend slightly more money up front, but you have more control without additional fees later on.

We grow with you

Not only can we build excellent websites quickly, but we can add upgrades at any time. We will provide you with a solid base that you are proud of, but we can always add new updates and features as your needs expand.

Anttix Website Features

  • Custom, responsive design to fit your brand
  • Comprehensive structure and content development
  • W3C compliant website code for optimal web browser compatibility
  • Library of professional stock photography available with each project
  • Custom web forms
  • Responsive website design
  • Responsive Website DesignXML sitemap for search engine visibility
  • SEO friendly tools and structure
  • Quality control checks
  • Website analytics provided by Google
  • Excellent service from friendly staff

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Features & Upgrades

  • Upgrade My WebsiteUpgrade my website blogs /news section
  • Rotating image slideshows
  • Staff directories
  • Web applications
  • Private login areas

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